The Scale Can Be Your Friend Again

The Scale Can Be Your Friend Again 

Nothing bursts your bubble more than, working hard in the gym, eating well, tracking your calories, only to wake up one day and see the scale go up!…”Hey, that’s the wrong way!”

I have your answer! Well, two answers actually:

#1 – Don’t weigh yourself

– Use other means by which you measure success. Use the tape measure, first thing in the morning, the way you would jump on the scale, it is a much better judge of your overall adherence, and progress.

#2 – Weigh yourself everyday

– This answer directly contradicts #1, I know, but taking the “power” away from the scale is weirdly empowering. By weighing yourself everyday, you get an exact idea of how your weight fluctuates day to day. After a couple of weeks or more, you will see when and maybe even why your weight swings, when it does.

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