So you want to compete?

The answer is in your mindset as well as your overall goal.

Is your goal to be the one and some kind of gal?
Is your goal to use this as a way to lose weight? (Don’t do it!)
Is your goal to see how far you can push your body?
Is your goal to become a pro or get to the Olympia Stage?

All of these questions will be answered in some form:


If your goal is to be the one and done, you want to at least say “I did it.”, by all means, do it! It’s a great, fantastic, one of a kind experience! – Granted you AT LEAST do your due diligence and find a reputable, experienced, educated coach, that has your health at the forefront of their mind. They must offer pre, intra (during), and post contest advice/coaching. Nutrition, Cardio, and overall Coping, plan/techniques.


Are you using a competition to help you lose weight…please, for your future self, don’t do it. The reason I say this is because I know first hand what it does to your metabolism, hormones, and self perception. Coming out of a competition is very emotionally and psychologically taxing.


You want to see how far you can push your body and ultimately see huge improvements and changes. Prepping for your competition will for sure do this.


Your goal is the ULTIMATE goal…get to the coveted Olympia stage. Know that this goal will take years. Sure there are girls that can go pro in one year, but that is very rare. They were probably in peak physique condition for a couple of years before they even decided to compete. Most women take anywhere from 2 years, to 4 years. I once knew a girl who took 6 years just to become pro. After you finally become pro, you then have to compete with hundreds of amazing physiques and either earn enough points, or win the overall on a pro stage.

5th (bonus):

You need time, a good amount of money, and preparation. Cost of competing can vary from $500 and higher.

In the end all you really need is good old fashion hard work, discipline, a positive mindset, drive, and ambition. Are you ready?!

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